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Our Sponsor - Dr Show
Our Sponsor - Dr Show
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The Tail behind the Champion.......


Dr Show Knots Away is a high quality pure concentrate formulation only containing cosmetic grade ingredients and no added water.Knots Away Mane & Tail Detangler

Knots Away will not only release stubborn knots but once your mane and tail are knot free and you have thoroughly worked the product through the hair you will notice enhanced colour and shine and the hair will have that full bodied appearance.

To use: Squeeze a small amount into the palm of your hand and then proceed to massage the product thoroughly from the top to the tip of the tail using a raking action with your fingers spread. Starting combing the hair and you will find the knots will free up instantly as the product comes into contact with the tangle. 

Comes in a 50 ml bottle, handy to keep in show kits or grooming boxes, a 250 ml bottle, a 1 litre pack with a pump lid, great for the larger horse stud, and a massive 4 litre pack with a pump lid too for the larger horse stud or serious competitor.   

Simone with Almontasir Desert Starr and Dion Murray YouAm11

The Tail behind the Champion.....  

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