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Progeny by Khouros

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 30th Dec 2006
Well as we near the end of another year, we reflect on what was and plan for the new year.  2006 was a mix of ups and downs, and now its time to move on and have an awesome year!  Heaps to do and plan, Khouros under saddle, new foals, youngsters to show and sell, new breedings to outside stallions, overseas trips planned, and of course heading to the Australian National Champs at Horsley park NSW in March!  VERY exciting times to be had!  Some SHAH horses found new homes and will be shown at halter and under saddle, representing their sire, Khouros and carrying our stud name, and we wish all of you the very best of luck with all you wish to strive for this year!  Khouros has had a monstrous season, and we look forward to hearing of all his new babies and we had been competing successfully under saddle and doing dressage.  We would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year and we look forward to catching up with you all in 2007! 

Zaffiro SHAH prior to his class at TOTR 06

 30th Oct 2006
Top of the Range went quite well - Zaffiro SHAH owned by Amanda Lugton took 1st place in the 3 and under Arabian WB gelding class and judge Mr Scott Benjamin(Canada) stated that his movement blew him away and he was the best moving horse at the show!  So that was a lovely comment for us!  Sonya Velic who owns Kai Hai Khaatya (Khouros x Gleniph Antionette) won reserve Champion filly Egyptian Related judged by Mr Anthony Mountney, so congrats to Sonya!!!!!  She looked lovely!   Amanda then showed Zaf in his amateur handler class and won against some regular competitors (this being Amandas first time out!) and then to top it off she won Reserve Derivative Gelding AOH!  Congrats!  I am sure there will be many more wins for you two!   Khouros went out under saddle and got himself 2 2nds one in maiden under saddle and Novice Stallion under saddle,  we had a few issues but we are already going like a champ at home again, and looking forward to getting him out at the PRARG sunrise Series.  Other horses that we have bred that competed at the TOTR show was Sacred Hill Kamilah owned by Kerry Watson, it was wonderful seeing her out and she looked amazing!!!!!!  Also her full sibling SHAH Kaliforniaa owned by Cheona Hatchman, he went around wonderfully for his young rider in his saddle, halter and youth classes.
  It was wonderful catching up with all our friends again and sitting back having a few drinks and chatting!  Looking forward to next season now!   

 26th Oct 2006
Things have been happening here over the last couple of months!  Mouse has had a huge season breeding and also with saddle training, our new instructor has been working hard on us for these upcoming shows (Thanks Brooke!)  So Mouse is feeling fit, relaxed and content!  A big thanks to all that have bred and have mares booked to him, we will look forward to seeing all the future babies!  Khouros has attended a couple of dressage days and has had great success and this weekend will see our return back to Top Of the Range Arabian Event, so it will be emotional, exciting and I am very proud of how far I have come since Top of the Range last year where I had my accident, Mark has been my support and has encouraged me to keep going, he is my rock!  My friends have all been supportive of me  getting back to what I love doing and there are many  that have helped me thru my hard times, so thank you!  
Our foals are not due until Dec so its a lonnnnnngggg wait for us!  RL High Society is first to pop with her Mafue Shaienne baby, a full sibling for Shai'lan.  And then we have the stunning The Palms Monique due to the Eastcoast Champion Stallion 06, HOTY Champion Newcomer and Stallion und saddle, Gai El Jullyen (Imp USA), this is one anticipated baby for us!!!!!    

Sccoby doo on the day of his departure 4th Sept

 4th Sept 2006
We said our farewells to our much loved SHAH Khapone today, he headed for his new home in Adelaide SA, to start a new life with his new owners Peta & Nikisha Daley. We wish them all the best with this special boy!  He will always hold a special place in our hearts.  And I am sure he will continue with his successes for you both!

 21st August 2006
We have two exciting sales to announce!  Firstly Sacred Hill Tashamah has been sold to a wonderful young family in Cedar Grove Qld, Julie is thrilled with her purchase and I think she is now a certified Arab owner!  YEEHAAA!  Squidge has settled in so well and has just fit into her new family's life perfectly.  We wish The Dervans all the fun and success with this young girl! 
Then we have the announcement of the sale of SHAH Khapone to his new home in South Australia, and Scoob will be heading to his new home in the next couple of weeks!  This is very exciting for us, and we are so happy that Scoob will be loved and shown and enjoyed again! 
Our ad comes out in the next Horse Deals edition for Sept for our Stud reduction and its nice to have already sold 2 off the ad already and the mag isn't even out yet!  So congrats to our new Sacred Hill horse owners and we wish you all the luck in the world with them!

Zaffiro SHAH with his mum, Amanda Lugton

 April 2006
Zaffiro SHAH has competed at his first show for his owner Amanda Lugton at the Pan Pacific held at Ipswich showgrounds.  He was shown by Simone Tiplady to Reserve Champion Arabian Warmblood exhibit and got some fabulous feedback from the judge, Mrs Liz Salmon.  We are all looking forward to seeing how he and Khouros go at the Qld Challenge Show!  Zaffiro took everything in his stride and showed brilliantly!!!!!!

 March 2006
Well the Eastcoast and Aussies have already passed!  Khouros received Top 5  honours at the Eastcoast championships and Top 10 at the Australian Arabian National Champs.  He showed his butt off at both shows and although he hadn't even been in the country long, he still put everything into his showing!  He truly is a legend and I am sooooo proud to be owned by him!  Not many stallions could've endured what he has done.  He is my legend.........:)  Thank you to everyone out there that supported us and Khouros, you know who you are!!!!

January 2006
Happy New Year to everyone!  Hope your 2006 is an absolute corker and you achieve all you hope to achieve!!!!
2006 sees the return of our stallion, Khouros.  He will be heading directly to Future Farms to continue his conditioning and then he will be travelling via Eastcoast Arabian Championships, which Natasha Smith and I will be travelling to, to cheer on our Favourite boy!!!!!  Then onto the Australian Arabian National Championships in Toowoomba!  This is gonna be one well travelled boy!  Then he will return back to Sacred Hill to enjoy a well earned rest before he starts his saddle career again!  Due to my accident, I have definitely been slowed down, so 2006 will be a slow one for me.  I am still looking forward to my boy getting out and about though.  Thanks to everyone involved in making my dream a reality and I am so looking forward to these shows!

 The birth of a special girl..........22nd November 2005
"SHAH Khamistah"
We witnessed the birth of RL High Society's first ever filly, on the 22nd Nov.  This special young lady is by our man, Khouros, and will be a special addition to our stud.  We are thrilled with this cross again, she has the body, legs, neck and head that we love and look forward to seeing her grow up!  She is named to remember her Grand dam, Yukon Park Bint Kamista, who is Khouros' dam, Kamista has passed away and its our tribute to this amazing mare, if it wasn't for her, we wouldn't be where we are now, so thank you and farewell Kamista, and welcome Khamistah, the new generation.........

SHAH Khamistah (Khouros x RL high Society)

 It is with great pleasure we announce the sale of our special boy,  Zaffiro SHAH.  He is our first Arabian WB foal and he is simply a STUNNER!!!!!  He has been sold to Amanda Lugton Brisbane Qld, and will be shown at our Arabian Shows and will also be competing in Dressage when he is older.  We are thrilled for Amanda's purchase and we welcome her to the Sacred Hill family!!!! 

Champion Jnr Gelding SHAH Khapone and Simone!!!!
Photo credit - Donna Greene photograph

1st November 2005
Just to let everyone know that I suffered an accident at the Top of the Range Arabian Event on the 22nd Oct, at the Toowoomba Showgrounds.  I was showing SHAH Khapone in the liberty event after winning Champion Jnr Gelding, all went well until I went to catch him and he decided he hadn't finished and he double barrelled me in the stomach throwing me a fair distance.  I would like to thank all that helped me whilst waiting for the ambulance, Shannon, Sue, Dave, Mark (as you can imagine I can't remember everyone due to the pain and the blackouts), It was terrifying for all.  Finally the ambulance arrived (Felt like for ever!!!!!!) and Mark and I were taken to the Toowoomba Base Hospital.  After many hours of being in emergency ward I was admitted into the Critical Care Ward.  It was terrifying leaving my boys behind at the show grounds, but they were in the best of hands ---- HUGE thanks to everyone (same deal, hopefully I don't forget anyone, only going off what I remember!) Shannon(thank you!), the Brentwood Stud Family, the Matthews family, Donna Greene, John and Cheryl Downes, your help and support will never be forgotten in this time of crisis!  My boys were well cared for and were able to relax knowing mum and dad were ok, Thank you to Shannon for bringing them to the hospital on Sat night.  I spent 7 days in hospital and was under 24 hour watch for my spleen, suffering many fevers and blood pressure drops, but all the while knowing how many people out there truly care, and were willing to help and support us.  Thank you to everyone who called the hospital, sent flowers and cards, and sent their positive vibes to me.   It has given me the strength to heal and to stay positive in this wonderful industry!  Look out 2006!  I will be BACCCKKK!!!!!!  As for Scoob, he was also well cared for whilst we were in hospital, thanks to everyone that fed, rugged, watered, entertained the SCOOB!  He is now home with an injury, he thought he would go out in sympathy with mum, and put his leg thru a fence a week later!  BIG DORK!  SO we are both looking amazing!  Looking at us both you wouldn't know we had been at an A class show a week prior!  HAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!  So thank you to everyone and will hopefully get to thank you all personally soon!  xxx Simone

Natasha Smith with the Arabian WB colt

 Birth of our much awaited Arabian WB foal!
14th Oct 2005
Amy finally gave birth to her first ever foal, by Khouros.  She delivered a stunning bay colt with long legs and the sweetest face, and he is a big smooch, he LOVES people!  He is everything we thought we would get out of this cross and will return Amy to Khouros in 2006.  Will look forward to seeing him out in the ring in 2006!!!!!!!

8th March 2005 -- Well, its all happened!  2005 NZ national Championships brought us much joy and we are proud to announce that KHOUROS is the new crowned stallion of the Champion NZ National Championships Stallion for 2005.  He was shown to perfection by Doyle Dertell of Future Farms, and was presented and conditioned by Angela Rogers of Jameel Arabians.  Mark and I had the great pleasure to witness our boy in all his glory and we were in tears with his award!  I was also honoured to show Eurelea Spanish Light to Reserve NZ National Champion Mare for her owner Leslie Quinn, NZ National Champion Anglo Gelding, Graemar Finesse for his owners Deborah and Alan Dixon, and Top 5 for Cyprus Alli Esperence in the huge filly classes, and Top 5 for Dundevale Fire N Flare in the colts for their owner Penny Sutherland.  Also shown was Bayzar to Top 5 in the Senior Gelding who also went on to win Champion Purebred Ridden National Champion 2005.